Cats and Baths

Cat in a bathtubThis cat will turn on the sink to play in the water, but giving her a bath…well that’s a whole nuther story!


Old Tom

My brother landscapes for a woman who lives out in the country.  A stray cat was coming around looking for something to eat.  Chris was more than happy to share his lunch.  Unfortunately it didn’t get along with the homeowner’s cats.  Her answer to the problem was to drive the old stray cat 3 miles away and dump it.  She did this three times and every time, the old stray walked his way back to her property.  My brother, an animal lover but short on finances, didn’t know what to do.  He offered to neuter the cat and to try and help him get along with her cats, but the home owner wasn’t open to that compromise.  She was going to drive the old stray farther away until he stopped finding his way back.  My big hearted brother couldn’t let that happen.  So, he brought “Old Tom” home where he lives and cares for his elderly mother.  They can’t let him outside because they live in town and don’t want to risk him trying to find his way back to that country property.  Truth be told, Old Tom hasn’t even asked to go outside.  We think he has found what he was looking for.  He even stopped trying to remove his collar.  It appears that Old Tom is finally home…